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MWP is a specialist practice that helps brands attract, convert and retain customers through tailored marketing strategies and engaging content.

We look beyond the typical labels of B2B and B2C and instead focus on Human to Human brand experiences as captured by our motto:
Content created by people, for people.

What we do

Customer Strategy

Content Creation

Marketing Strategy

Advisory Services 



Putting the customer at the core of your business.

Our customer strategy expertise includes:

  • Customer research. Our proven customer research methodology provides clarity and workable insights on what actually matters to your customers. We translate this into workable business impact.

  • Customer Journey Mapping. We bring to life customer personas, touchpoints and user experience design, to identify opportunities in crafting frictionless customer experiences.

  • Customer Value Proposition. What’s the promise your brand makes to customers of the value you’ll provide? We help brands articulate and transact meaningful Customer Value Propositions.

  • Brand Purpose. We work with brands to unlock the true meaning of why customers care enough to listen, and how to make their staff their biggest advocates.  


Every aspect of your business has a story to tell: are you telling the right ones?

Letters that form words and morph into sentences are the frontline representation of your brand.  

Many brands underestimate the importance and impact of properly crafted communications and overlook the potential of creating engaging content that inspires, entertains and informs their customers.

Creating the right content is only half the journey; effectively reaching customers for maximum impact is key to commercialising your outreach.

Our full-stack communications offering includes:

  • content strategy and creation

  • public relations and media management

  • crisis communications strategy

  • internal communications.

  • channel distribution and measurement.



Creating your growth roadmap.

From price, positioning and promotion, through to multi-channel content creation and distribution, your customer advocacy and overall business growth hinges on a crafted marketing roadmap.

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy is a crucial step in realising your brand growth strategy.   

Having worked both client and agency side, we understand the architecture and mechanisms required to build out and deliver a marketing strategy that's unique to your business and your customers.

Our marketing strategists work with you to realise your capacity to deliver on a marketing program that actually matters to your customers, ever mindful of return on investment.


Setting you up for success.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of MWP, Ric Navarro, is one of Australia’s Top 10 ranked Chief Marketing Officers. His reputation and expertise in building private and listed brands - and providing counsel to the C-Suite -  makes him a highly regarded and trusted advisor. 


MWP provides advisory and audit services on:

  • evaluating the impact and performance of current marketing programs and teams

  • customer and user experience feedback

  • creating the right marcomms team structure.

We also offer these discreet services via our unique offering:

  • Marketing mentoring

  • Talent identification and headhunting.



Contact us to discover how your business can be better

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