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We've helped brands across diverse industries achieve better. Our success isn't built on a cookie-cutter approach: rather, we solve our clients' most pressing customer, branding and marketing priorities by providing a tailored approach. We never assume and we always listen.

Below are some success stories of our work .



The Client

Established in 1959, Norman Disney & Young is one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies working on some of the most iconic projects in the built environment. Headquartered in Australia and privately owned, the ambition was to build the brand, improve client centricity, increase profitability, and streamline corporate operations.


The Brief

  • Devise and implement a long-term branding, marketing and communications strategy

  • Create client value propositions for multiple service lines, sectors and locations

  • Lead a complete brand refresh, including comprehensive content marketing program

  • Improve the brand profile with clients in the growing markets of UK, Asia and Canada

  • Enhance internal engagement through a dedicated program including communications

The Work

  • A complete brand overhaul including creation of a brand purpose

  • Undertake a client listening program using insights to inform strategy and new website

  • Comprehensive content marketing program across earned and owned channels

  • Working with CIO to successfully embed processes into daily operations

  • Key role in the integration, external affairs & publicity for acquisition of Canadian consultancy, Sterling Cooper

  • A pivotal role in advocating talent diversity and employer branding.

  • Overhaul work winning documentation and client facing processes

  • Collaborate to create and deliver a global Employee Value Proposition​


The Outcome

  • Increased profitability across all geographies

  • 800% improvement in brand profile and social media reach

  • A consistent and unified approach to client care and publicity materials

  • Earned media, publicity and PR through international media coverage

  • Acceleration of digital engineering tools providing market leadership

  • Self-reporting against UN Sustainable development goals and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) benchmarks.

The Better

  • Achieving a sale of the business to NASDAQ listed Tetra Tech in 2018 and subsequent creation of the global High Performance Buildings Group

  • Awarded Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

What the client says

“Ric has an outstanding reputation and track record in all disciplines of media, communications, marketing and corporate relations, as confirmed by his numerous awards and accolades. Ric’s strategic approach, creative influence and understanding of B2B marketing, has transformed the reputation, client-centricity, and global brand profile of NDY.”
Tony Arnel

Global Director, Sustainability (former)

Norman Disney & Young, A Tetra Tech Company



The Client

Nucleus Network is the world’s only clinical trials organisation with operations in both the USA and Australia servicing both emerging biotechs, and some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Owned by one of Australia’s largest private equity groups, the ambition was to build the brand, improve sales pipeline, and streamline operations enabling a sale of the business by 2022.


The Brief

  • Build a stable, long-term marketing and communications department

  • Consolidate four separate brands into one singular brand within 6 months

  • Devise, lead and undertake client insights program

  • Improve the brand profile with clients in the primary markets of US and Asia

  • Lead a complete brand refresh, including comprehensive content marketing program.


The Work

  • Undertook client research and insights program with clients in USA and Asia

  • Integration of the recently acquired Minnesota business into the brand ecosystem

  • Creation of a comprehensive marketing strategy roadmap

  • Identified customer journey mapping and build new website straddling B2B and B2C customer segments.

  • A complete brand identity overhaul was achieved including creation of a brand purpose

  • Working with stakeholders to successfully embed marketing technology stack into daily operations


The Outcome

  • Increased sales pipeline from US and Asian Biopharma clients

  • 200% improvement in brand profile and saliency

  • Improved international reputation and NPS

  • Earned media, publicity and PR through international media coverage

  • Achieving results during the 2020/21pandemic


The Better

  • Achieving a better than expected sale of the brand with an approximate sale price of approx. $600M to Blackstone, 12 months ahead of projected schedule.

  • Receiving a Gold 2021 Sydney Design Award for the rebrand work undertaken in 2020.


What the client says

"Ric played a leading role in guiding Nucleus Network to consolidate four brands into one, creating a practical B2B and B2C marketing strategy, and articulating a meaningful brand purpose. His work with me, my marketing team and our c-suite to achieve all of this in a short timeframe – and in the midst of a pandemic – laid the foundation to our very successful acquisition by Blackstone. Can’t recommend Ric highly enough!"

Mari Ericksen
Marketing Director
Nucleus Network



The Client

With clients operating in diverse sectors and geographies, HM is an awarded design and creative agency founded in Australia. Celebrating 25 years of continuous operation in 2021, the directors saw this as an opportunity to evaluate, re-energise and re-pivot the practice under a refreshed operating model.


The Brief

  • Understand the current perception of HM from clients

  • Unlock and articulate the true purpose of the business

  • Guide HM with a content marketing strategy to reach relevant audiences

  • Understand how this approach will increase customer lifetime value and stimulate referrals.

The Work

  • Deep dive client surveys, interviews and listening program

  • Key competitor research and benchmarking

  • Explore an alternative operating model enabling to scale the business with a team of virtual subject-matter experts

  • Use client data and insights to inform performance themes, marketing strategy, and measure NPS

  • Workshops to articulate how HM is relevant, valuable and different

The Outcome

  • A clear understanding of clients' drivers for purchasing, retention and advocacy

  • A revitalised operational model incorporating virtual team members and specialist roles

  • Improved client-centric communications and content marketing focusing on thought leadership

  • Recommendations for the development of a focused client value proposition and client-centric website


The Better

Reduced operational costs and a stronger than expected pipeline of client work

What the client says

"We engaged Ric to help us with our next phase of business growth. From day one, he really understood us. Ric implemented and led a client care and listening program with insights that informed his practical marketing strategy for HM and guide us to understand our value to clients. His work continues to inform our daily approach to business strategy, client care, and brand profile. We can’t wait to work with Ric once again."
Nancy Bugeja

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